„Metronomic nightmare“

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Industrial incantation „Metronomic nightmare“ is a readjustment of silence by the matter and machines. Mechanical systems have an aboriginal quality to reduplicate its movement patterns. My mission is to make it loud. My toolbox consists intuition, irrationality and denial of cultural background noise. Music is still a strength of materials, a sign of deformation, acceleration of reflexes, a functional ergonomics of body-movements, an arbitrar implemention of error, a superiority of DIY philosophy and a brutal force!

A cornerstone of Erik Alalooga´s musical expression is an analytical interaction with matter and selfmade objects. Basic unit of composition isn´t a note, but periodically repeated pattern. Different methods are used to launch these cycles. Motors launch and keep running mechanical objects, which´s cycle creates clearly distinguishable sound-pattern.


Physical play with objects and matter allows manipulations with impulses, rhytms and speeds. It will provide necessary layer of dynamical improvisation to current artpiece. Use of electronic loopers allows to pick up short sections of sounds from object´s sonic expression and to combine different patterns. Inaccuracy of manual loopers will guarantee presence of organic human touch in technology-based artpiece. It can create endless amount of rhytm bases for sonic layers to add. General structures of pieces are pre-composed, but inaccuracy described above, allows to use playful improvisation.


Erik Alalooga´s background as installation- and performing artist reveals strongly in visual expression of objects, space and performer. Therefore best perceptual impression can be recieved mainly in live performances. Visual separation will lose a essential quality from complete artpiece.

“Metronomic Nightmare” has been performed in Tallinn, Viljandi, Riga, Kaunas, Vilnius and Klaipeda.

„Catastrophy and Dynamics“

In October 2016 an industrial incantation „Catastrophy and Dynamics“ was premiered in festival Üle Heli in Tallinn. In this performance i added industrial poetry of Alexey Gastev to my machinery.

Alexey Gastev was a revolutionary, poet, prophet of technogical development and inventor of Central Labour Institute. Essence of his poetry is ode to technological development. Text were performed by Eduard Tee. Light design was made by Karolin Tamm, video design by Carmen Seljamaa.


Photo:Kris Moor


Photo:Kris Moor


Photo:Kris Moor

Videolink: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H0KANF6pnh0&t=115s